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JD Ireland Social Media House Rules

These Social Media House Rules apply to social media accounts operated by the John David Sports Fashion (Ireland) Limited, (‘JD’, we’, ‘our’), on social media platforms, including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, X, YouTube, Snapchat and Pinterest (our ‘Social Media Channels’).

Any references in these Social Media House Rules to 'you' or ‘user(s)’are references to the person(s) visiting, interacting with and referring to our Social Media Channels.

Our Social Media Channels are a positive place for our fans and followers. We want to make sure our communities are safe, stress-free and supportive – always. All users must comply with these Social Media House Rules. You are wholly responsible for any content you post including content that you choose to share.

We reserve the right to remove any messages (where function allows), in whole or in part, that breach our Social Media House Rules and may report and/or block any users who repeatedly violate them.

We reserve the right to remove posts (where function allows) and report and/or block users from visiting our Social Media Channels where we believe:

• Comments are meant to harass or threaten an individual or specific group

• Comments are made for commercial gain or competitor promotion

• Comments are discriminatory regarding ethnicity, gender, disability, political beliefs, race, religion, or sexual orientation

• Comments contain offensive or violent language

• Comments contain sexually explicit content

• Comments contain spam or persistent messages in which the objective is to elicit a response

• There has been or is likely to be a violations of copyright or intellectual property rights


JD processes personal data obtained in accordance with UK data protection law. Further information about how we use personal data and data subject rights are available in our Privacy Notice (IRE).

Monitoring and Responding

We will do our best to respond to any queries or complaints and any requests for advice and direct you to relevant information on our website.

JD do not endorse any opinions made on our social media channels, unless explicitly published by our own team. For more information relating to responsible posting, please refer to the Terms of Service for each respective social media channel:









Our Materials and Intellectual Property

Our names, images, logos, trade marks and other materials contained on our Social Media Channels are protected by intellectual property rights and laws. You must not use these materials for any reason without our written consent.

External Websites

Where there are links to other, third party, websites or resources, whether posted or shared by JD or another third party, it is your choice whether or not to access these links and if you do choose to click on or access these risks you do so at your own risk. We are not responsible or liable for any damage caused by a third party website or resources.

Please note that external websites have their own terms of use and privacy policies and you should read these carefully.

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